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Custom stainless steel splash back. We recommend quartz and granite worktops from stonemasters.co.uk

Stainless steel splashback

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Our stainless steel splashback use good quality 0.9mm 304 grade stainless steel plate with increased corrosion resistance compared to carbon/alloy steel. All of our stainless steel splash backs come with protective coating on one side. 

Our stainless steel sheet is great for your stainless steel splash backs, plinths and kick plates, and with our custom option we are able to provide stainless steel sheet cut to size to your precise requirement, all from with in our metal stores.

See above for our sizes and prices, if you require help or are interested in our folding service please call or email us.

Steel is the backbone of many metalwork projects. Strong, reliable and relatively light by comparison to many other materials, it’s one of the most important materials on the market. And you’ll find a wide range of stainless steel sheet options here at London Metal Store – one of the UK’s leading metal supply stores.

We understand that every metal work project is different, and will require different materials and measurements. As such, you’ll find cut to size stainless steel options to meet your requirements exactly, alongside small and large standard sizes of sheet metal. All of our items can either be ordered via Click & Collect from our metal store, or for delivery. Please use our customer option if you require metal sheets cut to size.

If you need help navigating our metal store, or can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to call our team on 0203 002 63 53 or drop us an email at sales@londonmetalstore.co.uk.

What is stainless steel sheet metal splashback?

As an alloy of iron and carbon, steel is one of the strongest and most reliable metals available, with stainless steel boasting even greater strength and usage. As such, it is used in a range of metalwork projects, from sculpture and cutlery to automobile manufacture and building works. If you’re looking for specific measurements for your stainless steel sheet, we can help. Call our sales line for bespoke cutting sizes and alternative thicknesses.

It isn’t hard to see why stainless steel sheet metal is such a popular option for metalwork projects, as it provides a whole host of benefits. These include excellent hygiene, fire and heat resistance, impact resistance and strength, long-term value and corrosion resistance. On top of this, it also has a pleasant, modern aesthetic appearance and is one of the more sustainable metal options.

Looking to buy stainless steel splash backs ?

Stainless steel sheet metal is made using an industrial process that creates thin, flat pieces of metal to be used in a variety of roles and projects. It is fundamental to metalwork, and you’ll find a wide variety of high quality stainless steel sheet options right here at London Metal Store. We can even customise your order to meet your specific measurements. This means you’ll always be able to find stainless steel to tick your boxes, no matter what your requirements may be.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you with your stainless steel sheet metal project.

Stainless steel splash backs cut to size 

Sheet metal comes in a variety of sizes. Our team can also cut sheets to size with great precision. We offer cut to size stainless steel splash backs that meets the specific dimensions you need for your project. We understand that every metalwork project is different, so you’ll need metalwork supplies that are unique to your needs, including a range of different sizes.

Our experts are on hand to talk though your order with you and ensure that you get the dimensions you need.

Find the best kitchen splash backs  at London Metal Store

If you’re looking to buy stainless steel sheet metal, take a look at our stainless steel sheet options today, which includes cut to size stainless steel splashback tailored to you. And don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions or queries. Call us on 0203 002 63 53 or drop us an email at sales@londonmetalstore.co.uk.